Resting & recuperation.


I wonder how long I’ll enjoy taking care of Edda?  When the kids were infants and I was home with them all day – nursing, cleaning, diapering, laundering – I went bonkers.  Literally medication-worthy bonkers.  Now I could lie in bed all day with Edda feeding her oatmeal, monitoring her poops, giving her pain meds and resting – happy and lazy.  I think there is a huge difference this time around.  First, I have a job to go back to once this convalescence is done –  when the kids were babies I was really unemployed which meant that I was a full-time stay-at-home-mom and this was something I never thought I’d be which made me itchy.  Second, I have so, so much help now.  For example, today, my parents watched Edda in the morning and fed her breakfast which allowed me to get Vince off to school and go out for a run.  Then in the afternoon, Adriana came and helped me maneuver Edda into the shower where we washed her hair for the first time in 10 days and took off her big bandage.  This was a big production, Edda’s still in pain during the transitions from standing to sitting especially.  I don’t like moving her myself without someone else’s help.  While we were showering, mom and dad downstairs were making dinner.  Maybe I should have gotten more help when the kids were infants.


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