Home from Japan, off to bike, Dresden plate.


Vince is boarding his flight in Japan right now!  He’ll be home in the morning.  I did a terrible thing and I bought him all his favorite processed food items – hot pockets, kraft mac & cheese, chicken tenders and (gasp!) ramen.  Jeremy is leaving right after Vince arrives to go on his week long bike trip; we are driving two cars to the airport so Jeremy can leave straightaway from the arrivals gate area & baggage claim.  I have photos of all the bike prep, but I’m too lazy right now to upload.  Edda is having a great summer, Aurora, her counselor at camp, is awesome and will be Edda’s one-on-one next session as well.  I haven’t seen Edda so happy during summer in a long time.  I made a Dresden plate for my next quilt!

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