Juggle, dinner, veins.


I am slowly turning into my mother.  Not a terrible thing, for sure.  My mom is pretty cool.  In my middle age, I’m picking up hobbies that I know my mother also enjoys.  The quilting, for example.  But quilting is a regular hobby, lots of people quilt.  But the other, slightly odder, hobby that I’m trying to learn now is how to juggle & my mom is a pretty good juggler.  Today Vince and I facetimed mom with our progress and, though she hadn’t practiced in a while, she schooled us.  And then tried to coach us.  I’m not sure I want my mom as my juggling coach.  Or maybe that would be OK.


Jeremy made a delicious dinner tonight.


He has crazy arm veins.  I’m hoping he’ll let me practice on them when I’m learning to do IVs.


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