Bad smells, dentist.

The house smells bad.  I think the outside temps dipped below the setting for the AC to kick on which then means that the humidity creeps up in the house which means that all the musty smells come out. Please someone save me.  I should go buy some Febreeze.  I should just turn the AC colder.  Let’s take a tour of what the house smells like (the internet does not have scratch and sniff, lucky for you. Soon, I’m sure.) :

The sweaty gym:


Old pee-filled diapers:


A teenage boy (he’s asleep in bed there, in all his unshowered glory):



Edda (and Adriana) went to the dentist today.  We had been so bad at brushing her teeth that the dentist put us on a 3-month checkup schedule.  I retrained everyone to brush and floss Edda’s teeth and today she said if we kept it up, we could go back to an every six month schedule.  Hooray!  I always bring someone to help me with Edda at the dentist.  Adriana held her head steady and held the bite stick in Edda’s mouth, I had Edda’s legs and hands and, boy, can that girl wrestle and flail around. We had to give a 2000 mg dose of amoxicillin prior to the appt to prevent infective endocarditis which she is more at risk for since the spinal fusion.


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