Ashburn, Zoe’s kitchen.


Drove to Ashburn today to see Vickey & Karuna.  Karuna just came back from India with the treats she always gets us.  I love these treats because they are a sweet, but they aren’t super sweet, and they are good, but not amazingly good, so I am quite satisfied to eat only one square each day and it will last me a long time.   Vickey made a banana bread with concentrated banana juice (recipe from America’s Test Kitchen).  We went to Zoe’s Kitchen where I think I ordered the best (lamb pita!).  Yeah. Yeah.  I’m dressed like it was cold, but it wasn’t cold, it was quite warm.  We talked about both Harvey Weinstein (ewwww.) and Kazuo Ishiguro (hooray!).  Vickey and I get along quite well, but we have very different tastes in books/movies/clothing.  We are always recommending things to each other and if one of us loves it, the other is surely going to find it meh.  But we both loved Remains of the Day.  If we both love it, we know it is really, really good.  She thought that Margaret Atwood might have won the prize this year, but may have been too obvious of a choice.  Vickey lent me her fav Atwood, the Blind Assassin.  Which I might read.  Or I might never read since this year, I’ve only gone through eight books, many of which are children’s books.  The Giver, Hattie Big Sky, working on the Penderwicks, Holes, The View from Saturday.  I might never leave the 6th grade ever again.

Speaking of books: Go Ben!  Not the Nobel, but quite close!  NY Review of Books.


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