Babysitting, scant quarter inch seam allowance.


Vince is at his first, real babysitting gig tonight.  Someone left their three-year-old with Vince and went to go see a concert (I think kind of far away, like in DC).  I can’t quite believe it.  I mean I completely believe that Vince will do a good job (he’s so good with kids & I wouldn’t let him babysit anyone if I didn’t trust his judgement), but I can’t believe that my kid can take care of other people’s kids.  I haven’t really left Edda with him for a long time yet, but I think he’ll want to charge me for it.  😳 . 


I went to quilting class on Wed and it was the first time we brought in our sewing machines.


The trickiest part is keeping a consistent, even, scant quarter inch seam allowance.  In all the quilts I’ve made, I have not really been doing this.  I’ve kind of fudged it a bit and my quilts develop little puckers when they finally get quilted because not everything is quite square and true.   In order to make everything square and true requires a degree of anal-ness I pretty much gave up when Edda’s diagnosis just knocked me off (well, pulled me kicking and screaming) of my perfection/anal tendencies.  But I think I can re-conjure enough of my previous anal-ness to learn to make things line up (though this time, it involves way a lot of ironing, sorry! pressing.  In the quilting world, ironing and pressing are two different things).  Though not in my first attempt.  This is my test strip in class:


A perfect inch on the bottom:


But by the time I got to the top, I lost almost an eighth of an inch.  doh!  Not good. 


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