Philmont planning, Words with Friends, fried chicken.


Jeremy was out tonight – went to Bethesda to the area coordination meeting for the Boy Scouts for the Philmont (New Mexico) hiking trip he’s leading summer of 2019.  Yes, you have to plan 2 years in advance.  Jeremy’ll be collecting names and deposits within the month.  (Vince’s take on letting girls become scouts is a resounding thumbs down.  We’ll see if his opinion changes in the next few years.)

Edda was having a bit of trouble settling down tonight, so I crawled into bed with her and started playing Words with Friends. Then Vince joined in and wanted to show me youtube videos about taste testing fried chicken.


One thought on “Philmont planning, Words with Friends, fried chicken.”

  1. Fried chicken is only good if fried with crisco – the Emma Jean McMeans way, my grandma or the Edith Lewis way, who is one of the greatest cooks of the last century. (Paula Deen is an amateur when it comes to southern cooking in my humble opinion). Look up Miss Lewis, Vince. Most foodies have never heard of her even though she has won every great food award ever invented. Alice Waters learned from her. She is a chef's chef. Her gingerbread is one of the best in the world. If you can learn to cook her fried chicken then you will have achieved high success in the culinary world!

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