Ning, french onion soup, pigs feet.

December, the month of cheer, or as it’s turning out, the month where I try to be cheerful as many thinks out of my control continue to fall apart.  Somehow because it’s suppose to be the happiest time of the year, it really throws all the things that suck way into the deep dark pit of despair / disaster / depression.   Don’t be alarmed, it’s just all the regular stuff here at just regular folks.  We are all doing just fine, chugging along. 


Ning is helping us out in the mornings for an hour to get Edda up and out of the house.  Edda’s hair looks presentable again. lol.



Mom made a combination east/west dinner.  French onion soup to begin:


(Edda was really, really happy at dinner).


Pig’s feet to end.


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