Forgetting, heating degree days, selfies!


Sometimes I ask Jeremy to do things and he happily agrees and then he promptly forgets to do them.  He doesn’t do this on purpose.  He just forgets.  We’ve had many arguments how this forgetting doesn’t mean that I’m not important to him or that the task isn’t important, it just means that he’s really good at forgetting.  When I’m in a good mood, this sounds like a reasonable argument because I know it is true.  When I’m in a bad mood, I’m like WTF is that kind of crappy excuse?!?  But there are a few things that he gets to with alacrity – almost overcompensating for forgetting all the other things.  One of them is energy consumption.  He likes to think about energy consumption macro at work & micro at home. I was paying the bills today and noticed that our gas bill was crazy high.  $225?  Usually it’s well under $200 for a winter month.   Last month, for example, it was $125.  Gas heats our basement and our first floor, we have a ground source heat pump (geothermal) for the upstairs.  I texted him, in the middle of the work day, just an FYI – hey dude, the gas bill about doubled, maybe there is a gas leak? or maybe the tenants are using the gas fireplace all the time?   We should check it out. And within, I swear, 30 seconds, I have graphs of heating degree days for the last three years with the accompanying 4 week rolling average with analysis/commentary of our energy consumption.  Anyways, the conclusion was that it was a terribly cold month, and therefore, it was a reasonable bill.  We also always buy an energy star appliances at Jeremy’s request.  Sometimes there is only one model. Our dryer, I think, is the only energy star model, it’s hard to dry clothes without a lot of energy input. We put it on super saver mode and it takes almost 90 minutes to dry, but it does end up drying everything. Also, the fridge (which somehow self-resuscitated itself from its brief illness and is happily keeping cold things cold – so I estimate that we’ll get another six months from it) would cost $300 – 500 dollars more to save $8 a year on our energy bill which is weird, but maybe the energy star model has better shelving?  who knows. 


All the Chinese girl exchange students wanted to take photos with this blond/blue eyed 6’5″ host student.  He started joking that it would cost them all $5 to take a photo with him.  lol.


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  1. If it helps, I just put a post it on the fridge with chores/request and it can't come down until they are done. Fix birdbath pump is going on day 4. Stay tuned…..

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