Panda face, seizure-y, ice cream.

I bought some facial treatment masks with cute animal faces to give as hostess gifts (instead of wine or chocolates or soap/lotion), but I realized I couldn’t use some of them because I can’t give as a gift something that has in big letters – WRINKLE treatment of WHITENING treatment (these are Korean products with slightly lost in translation sentiments).  I wasn’t sure what to do with them, but Vince found my stash and begged to try some of them out.  Here’s the panda whitening treatment –


Edda woke up today in the midst of one of her seizure-y things.  Usually, Edda stays in bed until Ning starts work at 6:30, but today I heard her complaining at 6 am or so, so I went and kept her company. 


Vince went to the Wizard’s BB game tonight with a friend and we had childcare for Edda, so Jeremy took me out to dinner and ice cream.  We also got a lot of copies of our house key at Home Depot.  We have the best dates evah. 


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