Two hour delay…


Two hour delay today.   Jeremy and I, in anticipation of extra two hours, pre-negotiated the night before the Edda-care split – he’d feed her breakfast before 7 am and I’d take over from there until the bus got to the house at 9:20.  Edda -sleepy girl – did not wake up at her usual time at 6:30 am.  Smartie pants, she slept in.  I got her up closer to 8 am and fed her breakfast, folded her laundry, got her dressed, woke up Vince and prepped her school bag and seated her into her wheelchair and waited for the bus.  Vince came down and looked at me plaintively and asked for a ride to school.  I kind of groaned.  He knows that if I’m waiting for Edda’s bus, he needs to wait until after she’s loaded before I can drive him – which pretty much ensures he’s going to be a few minutes late to school and it delays my work day.  Sometimes I can get pissy about that 15/20 minutes.  And I had given Jeremy an all clear on childcare after 7 am today.  But Jeremy was just done with his morning routine as Edda’s bus pulled away and the two boys took the car to school and the Metro – thus allowing me to start work 20 minutes earlier than I would have.  It’s all regular snow day stuff, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t throw me off kilter. 

I took myself out to lunch today.  Yummy!


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