Friday night blues, Debbie, donut.

I’m headed into the weekend without Jeremy, so I have a weird case of the Friday afternoon blues which almost never – like never ever happens.  I like to keep the blog relatively light & cheery with a small dose of reality.  But reality is hard & I rely on Jeremy to hear all the stories I collect during the day and have him help prop me up a little.  Everything at the house is generally well, but lately everytime I bump into someone, I hear a story of a heartfelt struggle and I can only send a hug and a heart emoji (?) and tell them I wish it wasn’t happening to them. 

And the weather is totally f-ing with regulating my place in time.  It’s 70 degrees right now, but sometime tomorrow it’s suppose to be 28? 


I met up with Debbie for lunch today, a highlight of the week!  We went to Inferno – this pizza place right near her house that has been getting great reviews and Debbie hadn’t been yet.  They usually have only dinner hours (and Jeremy and I have gone there on a date), but I noticed that they had a two hour window for Friday lunch – the only day they served lunch – so I scheduled lunch to be then.


I walked in fully expecting to eat pizza, but it turns out that they serve only 2 things for Friday lunch.  An amazing fried chicken sandwich with slaw and special sauce for $8.


And a few kinds of donuts.  That’s it.  There was a line out the door the whole time we were sitting down and eating.  This donut was so light that it was like a daydreamed thought covered in sugar/cinnamon/cardamom. 


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