Nat & Edda & Vince.


I’m up too late!  Both Jeremy and I had evening plans and our regular Thurs caregiver needed to call out, so Nat came over and pinch hit.  Vince cooked his favorite no-parents around dinner – Japanese curry with carrots and potatoes.  I told Nat that I was going to be late coming home and that once Edda was in bed, she could let Vince know that Edda was tucked in and she could head on home because tomorrow is a work day and all, but I came home at 9:15 to find her and Vince watching YouTube videos in Edda’s darkened bedroom.  Then we sat around and chatted for a little while – Vince climbed into Edda bed to snuggle with her as we finished our conversation and finally I had to shoo Nat home…  We all got to go to bed!


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