Hello loves, I have no pictures of my own surroundings today, so I give you a beautiful day in Chicago.  Jeremy texted these photos of Chicago from his business trip – he gave a keynote speech today to some people around noon and then headed back home to me.  He’s home now which makes me happy.  I always, always feel that when he is away craziness ensues.  Vince is sick and is in full standardized state mandated testing mode and so it’s been tricky keeping him feeling good enough to go through hours of testing everyday though really he is feeling pretty lousy. My side gig job is going crazy with my photo ping-ing all the time with various unsolvable problems related to aging & family members. Edda’s is well, but I’m following up on various insurance snafus and her transitional meeting to HS is next week.  Various other things are happening which make me feel left out, unsure,  rudderless, blah, blah, blah. 


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  1. Nice sculptures Jeremy! ANd, LOVE the peonies Doris!! I have a bushel of those here and sometimes get one or two blooms but not many due to heat here.

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