Ben, Felix & Ruben.

Jeremy came home Friday night, in time for all of us to have dinner together (spaghetti).  Then Saturday morning, we went our separate ways.  Edda & I went to see the Incredibles II and the boys went downtown to see the Museum of American History. 


Edda’s caregiver, Arietni, arrived at noon and I headed downtown to meet the boys at Shake Shack. 


Then we went to the spy museum where Ruben worked with the enigma machine to crack some codes.


Then we headed to Silver Spring to join Colleen’s 50th birthday party.


Sunday morning, we went to the climbing gym and had lunch at the bubble tea place.  Then the boys went to town center where they got soaking wet on the splash pad.


We hosted Sunday night dinner, which was unusually hilarious with discussion about conjoined twins, pooping etiquette and fish pedicures.


Monday morning, our crooked tree got cut down.  We were going to leave it where it was because it had fallen in such a way that it had wedged itself between the forked trunk of an adjacent tree.  It didn’t seem like it was going to go anywhere.  But a neighbor complained (don’t know who it was), and we got cited by the city.  So we took it down.


It fell because it was infested with termites and was pretty hollow at the base of the trunk. 


Monday, the boys went to the Air & Space museum in Virginia.  The boys are really great museum goers, especially Felix.


We went to Tyson’s for conveyor belt sushi.


And looked at the Lego store.



I’m now hanging out with Molly at the PICU at Children’s.  In some cosmic clusterf*ck, 2/5th of the Usual Suspect’s daughters are in PICUs.  Send good vibes our way.

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