Interview, morning routine, Kiki.


I had yet another job interview this morning from 7 – noon.  I no longer understand my ability or, I guess, lack of ability to get hired.  I think I give a good interview and I make people feel comfortable and I know all the answers to all the general interview questions to where I have a manager (usually) sitting in front of me at the end of the interview asking when I can start and telling me that I’ll hear from HR (actually, these days it’s talent acquisition) and then never hearing from them again.  Honestly, the general consensus that turnover is high in hospitals and nurses are in short supply just makes me feel bad.  Getting a nursing job will complicate my life in 10,000 ways, maybe this is the world telling me that this is not the right path.  Unlike most other job interviews, nursing interviews always start at shift change which means I have to be on the floor at 6:45 am.  This presented a logistical problem for me as Jeremy is out of town and the kids are not at school yet.  Christine perceptively asked at Sunday dinner last night – so who’s going to look after Edda?  Here was the plan that we executed:  I wanted to leave the house at 6 am, I woke Vince up as I was leaving, he sprung up out of bed (We wished each other good luck.  He had a big day at school today – a lot of final presentations.) and was awake when our morning caregiver arrived at 6:30 am.  I told Vince that, if for whatever reason, the morning caregiver couldn’t come or was late or whatever, to do his best to get Edda onto her bus at 7:30 am and be a little late for school.  Vince gave me a thumbs up.  Everything went smoothly, I thought.  I got no texts, I got no calls.  Then when Vince and I reconnected later in the afternoon, he said that he woke up and made sure that Ning had gotten Edda downstairs and prepped for school. And then he accidentally fell asleep and woke up at 8 am and then was 45 minutes late for school himself.


Look who is in town!  Kiki.  I picked her up from the Rockville Metro at 8:45pm.  She has been up since 3 am, we made her do our evening ritual of watching a couple of youtube videos – corgis and cooking. 


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