Missing Vince, gagging, brave & strong.

Happy 16 years of blogging to me!  I know, I know, no one blogs anymore.  Only me ?


Vincent called mid-morning today.  I missed his call on his first try, I was outside admiring the coolness of this summer day.  I spend a lot of time at home, often I feel the need to step outside for a moment to remind myself that I’m not trapped in the house constantly attached to a computer.  I returned his call after stumbling to find his summering Verizon number and not his regular T-mobile number.  He had called to arrange for his ride home as he had warned us when we visited that the original planned date wasn’t firm.  The call was brief and he said, “I’ll call again tomorrow to really talk.” Last night, as Jeremy and I tried to fall asleep (as we age, our sleeping skills are deteriorating at the same rate as our eyesight), we spoke about how we both missed him but that we had gotten used to the quieter rhythm of the house.  Jeremy said that the house is ridiculously large without Vince.  His presence fills the house, expanding to every corner.  Without him, we could cut the house down to 2/5 size and be fine.


I have been feeling nauseous recently.  Most notably every night when I wake up at 4 am and have to take my beloved mouthguard out in order to fall back asleep because I can’t suppress the urge to gag.  At my six month cleaning today, I mentioned this to my dental hygienist and she said that she didn’t have a solution, but the last person who mentioned to her that her mouthguard made her gag turned out to be pregnant.  I laughed and said there was absolutely no way I was pregnant.  I usually love my dental cleanings, I find it relaxing to have plaque scraped off my teeth.  I had to hunt down a hygienist whose technique I liked. Sometimes I think I should brush less well just to have a little extra time.  But this time, the cleaning also made me feel a little gaggy.  I’m not sure what is going on.  Apparently this is slow news season here in the household.


Chinese takeout tonight for dinner.


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