Weather, puppy, Celeste Ng.

The weather has been so delightful the past few days.  Low humidity & warm but not hot temperatures make for happiness in DC.  Now that the solstice is well past, I’m looking forward to fall (my favorite season).  But there is still a lot of summer left in which to arrange Edda-care. Other people think of summer as fireworks, summer camp, easy grilled dinners, lounging around and I think it as the season in which child-care is difficult with a non-regular schedules for anyone and everyone (Edda and caregivers alike).  I thought I should reframe and think less about the hassles of summer and focus more on the grilled burgers. 

I have given serious thought to getting a puppy in the fall.  Max is well in her middle-aged-ness and I want to get a puppy while Vince is still living in the house.  Vince is desperately campaigning for a corgi.  Jeremy, with the same enthusiasm, wants a lab.  I kind of want a cockapoo. I think Maxi will be unhappy with the new addition.


I love my two-person-book-club and we’re reading Little Fires Everywhere.  Now that I’ve been spending more time reading, there is less time spent on other things (like quilting). 


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