Van, scout meeting, Vince.

We took the van in for service today to look at: a whispering wheel, an unadjustable seat and a flappy air conditioner.  The whispering wheel turned out to be bad rear brakes/rotors.  We got that replaced.  The a/c is not a problem, it just sounds bad.  We left that alone.  The unadjustable seat (which is the driver’s seat) is because the motor busted for the front/back movement of the seat and in order to replace the motor, we have to replace the entire seat.  The repair shop guy was like – you don’t want to spend the $, it’s not that important.  But I’m very short and I’m a nervous driver, so I like everything just so, so we asked him to replace the seat. And I need to drive six hours this weekend. I love a frugal repair guy.


I went to the scout meeting tonight while Jeremy was giving testimony in support of the MoCo master bike plan.  The scouts need merit badge counselors, so I thought I’d sign up to do some.  The boys in the troop went to Goshen last week which is the camp that Vince is working at, but they chose to do a non-hiking program which is not where Vince spends his time.  But Vince had a chance to meet up with them to watch fireworks for the 4th of July.  The boys from the troop did not have a very good time, which is unfortunate, but one of the troop leaders pulled me aside tonight and said that Vince seemed very happy and well adjusted.


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