Plumber, firehouse subs, bed.

Somehow I got on an email list for special needs families headed by a very determined mom of an autistic boy.  This is where I get my info for those sensory movies that Edda and I go to on the regular, but also, this woman basically throws a party every month for special needs families – there are water park days where she arranges for the whole waterpark to open early or late just for the families, there are trampoline parties, pizza parties, golf parties.  We don’t go to these parties because some special needs kids need to burn off energy – Edda isn’t one of them.  And every year she sends out lists of professionals who help out – plumbing, handyman, taxes, lawn service, babysitting, carpet cleaning.  I didn’t use any of the recommendations until yesterday when I reached out to Bobby the plumber.  He showed up at 8 pm on a Friday night, proceeded to fix my 4 plumbing problems: a clogged washer drain (which was crazy stubborn), an intermittently flushing toilet, a sputtering faucet, and finally a faucet that ran backwards (hot was where cold should have been) all for $125.  I couldn’t quite believe it.  Then I said – I got your name from.. and he said – Whitney, I know.  Then he cleaned up and left the house at 9:20 pm and then said, I’m gonna see someone else on Whitney’s list right now and then home to bed. 

Today, Jeremy went off biking somewhere in the morning and Edda and I headed to Home Depot to get some plumbing supplies the plumber suggested and then we headed to Firehouse Subs for lunch which is in a new development across the street from the HD.  I’m always looking for new fast casual restaurants to try.  This was not ideal for us, the layout was of many movable tables that were very close to each other.  There was no way I was getting Edda to an interior table.  A lady who was just waiting for a take out order sprang up out of the chair at one of the outer tables and offered it to us.  The guy in orange in the photo below, though I could tell was slightly flustered at figuring out what to do, helped move tables to and fro and then schooched his kids in so I could three-point-turn Edda into her spot.  I’m reminded that 1) I don’t take Edda out and about often enough and 2) people are usually willing to help out.


Edda and I shared this enormous meatball sandwich which was good.  But I think it’s not going to be a regular place because of the seating! 


Jeremy got back from biking at about 2 pm. We had pizza for dinner.  Now we will go to bed at 9 pm.


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