Plumbing, drop off, man-bun.

OK, the plumber is in the house right now fixing our water stuff.  One problem, the sputtering faucet was fixed by just opening the valves more.  I was slightly embarrassed that I couldn’t figure that out myself.  The main problem, the non-draining washer is taking some time.  He’s been up and down the stairs a bunch muttering – it’s not going well, but we’ll fix it.  Yipes.  I can hear the snake running down the interior walls of the first floor.  I’m glad I called someone to help me fix it.  And he’s here on Friday night at 8:30 pm. 


With Adriana off at her new job, Jeremy and I are running camp drop off.  It’s amazing how much time this can take.  Even though her camp is like 15 minutes away, somehow it takes me an hour?  What am I, like a little snail driver?  Probably.


Vince made dinner.


With his man-bun.


2 thoughts on “Plumbing, drop off, man-bun.”

  1. HOLY CACA! I just read the post about your day of nursing and the washer needing to be snaked out. Doris, you are woman hear you roar! Gurl you have got it going on!!! I am so proud of you.

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