Date, busted fridge, happy birthday Ben!


Jeremy and I had a rare Saturday night date – we did our traditional: a dinner at A&Js, then REI, then Whole Foods and finally Ben & Jerry’s (out at 5:30 pm, back to the house by 9 pm).  I’m liking the cherry garcia flavor these days.  At A&J’s we looked at the following week’s calendar and realized that the next time we’d probably have dinner together would be the following Saturday, so it was just as well that we were out on Sat. night.

We had bags of groceries walking into the house, and we come home to realize that the fridge is finally, completely broken.  The fridge was at 68 degrees, the freezer was at 49 degrees.  I hate the weeks when you have to spend vast amounts of unpredictable amounts of money.  This is going to be a $3000 week.  A new fridge and Vince’s Mac laptop also finally broke after 6 years.  So a new laptop and a new fridge this week.  I told Vince that he was lucky that we have enough $ to cover both the laptop and the fridge this week because if we only had half the money, the fridge would have priority over his new laptop and he say, yes, I understand that the fridge would take priority over my laptop.


We put all the dairy stuff in our wine fridge.  Jeremy is looking to buy a fridge from Home Depot right now, the earliest delivery date is in 10 days?  Hmmm…can we go 10 days without a fridge?  Also, Jeremy called Ben in Sweden to wish him a happy birthday, but went through the regular T-mobile line and apparently we just got charged $80 for the 15 min call.  I was like – you didn’t Skype him?  Argh.  Please send heartfelt thoughts to my patients this week – that I’ll be able to give them good care, I’m starting again tomorrow.


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