To bed early.

Jeremy is in California now, he texted me when he boarded the plane at BWI and just now texted me again when he touched ground in Oakland.  He’s off doing his work thing.   He’s doing me a favor by compressing his travel schedule these days, turning down trips that he feels are not necessary, timing them so he can leave after the morning school routine or coming home in time for dinner.  I appreciate all of this.  I came home today and Vince asked – so Dad is gone?  Where did he go?  I said he’s in California.  Vince was like – did he drive to California?  The van is gone.  I laughed – no Dad did not drive to California, he only drove to BWI.  I’m on the edge of exhaustion – you know, when you can’t quite tell if you are tired or sick, I’m hoping to go to bed by 8:30 tonight.  I think I wear myself out more with my emotions than with any actual physical work.  Though sometimes I think it’s good to be emotional (for me at least) because oftentimes, I think I can be a little bit unfeeling & unsympathetic.

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