Oliver! and holding babies.

Closing night for RM’s Oliver!  Vince worked lights and had a nice time.


I forgot that I should brush up a bit on the songs and the plot before I go to a musical.  The 2nd act had me quite confused about the relationships between all the people and the motivations behind their actions. 



Do you know how to fall in love with your husband all over again?  To get back that physical feeling of affection and warmth that starts in your heart and then rises to your throat and then past the eyes to make them all misty?  Have him hold a week-old baby and do that coo-ing & rocking thing.  Sometimes, as I’m passing through perimenopause, I grieve over the loss of fertile hormone levels.  Not really the ability to have more babies, but my ability to feel emotions so widely.  As the hormones wane, I think my range of emotion also wanes.  I’m often glad that I can more easily let go bad feelings, hurt feelings and feelings of inadequacy and/or loneliness, but I’m sometimes wistful because I believe I won’t be able feel those glorious emotional highs such as joy, euphoria and pure happiness.  So whenever it happens I like to grab hold of it and say – I can still feel it.  Like really feel it. 


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