Christmas is today (for me).

I think the winter solstice is one of my favorite days of the year because now we are turning towards the light.  Just thinking of that makes me feel good – better than I did at the beginning of the month.  Today was Christmas in the house.  Actually, there are two Christmases – one today with the Martins and then one on Wed with the Lees.  We are splitting the difference because I’m at the hospital tomorrow and Tues.  It was a very satisfying Christmas celebration day for me – Jeremy said it was less stressful for him because he knew that if he needed something extra for dinner, he could just go to the store and buy it. 


Breakfast which included an incredibly delicious panettone from Williams Sonoma.


Gift opening where Vince got the most presents (as expected).


Max got a chewy and a holiday cumberbund.


Vince flambe-d some mushrooms (?)


A doggie run/walk in the afternoon at the C&O.


Then a full on dinner for 20 with the Martins and my parents and the extended Martin family.  Pecan pie from Zingerman’s from sherah, my most loyal commenter.  It was delicious.  Now to bed early.

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