I spent a chunk of today with Christine, Jane and Joan. Joan had a stroke sometime between bedtime on Saturday and Sunday morning.  She was admitted to my hospital during the day on Sunday. I stopped by after work on Monday to see them.  She’s lost all ability to move on her right side and she’s not able to swallow or talk, though she tries to talk and we try to decipher – usually unsuccessfully.  They were headed home on Monday evening with Joan via ambulance to home hospice care.  It was good to see her at home today.  She seemed as comfortable as possible when one is letting go.  Christine and I chatted and ate snacks.  Christine swabbed her mom’s mouth.  Jane came home from classes and we set up a card table in Joan’s room and pulled out a puzzle and worked on it for a few hours.  Jane told stories about Joan taking Jane and George out to Outback Steakhouse where George would pretend that Jane hit/kicked him to get Jane in trouble.  I took a nap.  Jane brushed Joan’s hair and told her she loved her.  Peanut walked in and out of the room trying to decide whether to it was ok to settle in the room or if it was better to settle in the couch in the living room.  I went back home in the mid-afternoon.

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