Went to see Joan and Christine this morning, this time with Jeremy.  Dropped Jeremy off at the train station and drove to see my parents.  My mom is still hobbling around on one good leg and one bad leg.  Snuggled in bed with her and took a nap.  I love naps.  I think my hobby is napping.  Is that such a thing?  Went home, worked a bit, went for a run.  Helped Vince with homework which was kind of a fail.  Jeremy is trying now.  It’s a compare/contrast paper and Vince (like his father) has very complicated ideas which require a high degree of writing skill to pull off.  Like using one of the contrasting differences to help prove that they are actually a similar thing.  I’m like – can you just pick obvious similarities and differences and write a simple paper?  I’m no fun really.  Edda agrees.


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