Doris and Jeremy get married.

Our wedding video.  I can’t really bear to watch the whole thing, mostly because I don’t want to see myself on video, so I will leave it to you to watch if you want.  So young!  1998, so I was just about to turn 26 and Jeremy was about to turn 30.  We did not hire a videographer.  A friend (Ding of Litian & Ding) found out and was horrified and did what he could.  I recently got it digitized, it was living on an old VHS tape.  There you go – you are looking at the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.  Everything else pales in comparison.

One thought on “Doris and Jeremy get married.”

  1. WOW. Oh my gosh I wish I would have known you two then. What a beautiful ceremony. Bob playing such beautiful music. What a beautiful dress. Jeremy looks like a much hipper James Bond. This really made me smile and cry all at the same time. I am so very happy that the two of you found each other! The world is a much, much better place because you are on this planet. Thank you for sharing something so wonderful. The world need these moments.

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