Ning, update.

Ning is back in the mornings from maternity leave!  The 45 min to hour that she works to get Edda dressed and on the bus in the morning helps us enormously.  It means that I can leave for a shift at the hospital when Jeremy travels for work. 



Nursing update?  It’s still hard.  It requires all my focus and energy. I don’t cry (I know I’ve jinxed myself) unless I’m giving the last report to Siji on my second shift in a row, by then I’m exhausted and something about Siji brings it out of me.  She looks at me and says – this is just a job to pay the bills and nothing more.  Your life is outside the hospital.  And I look at her and smile and sniffle a little. 

After about noon until about four pm, the nurses on the unit, instead of saying – hey, how’s your day going? as we pass one another in the hallway or med room – a lot of people say, have you eaten yet?  (It’s very Asian where the standard greeting is have you eaten yet? no matter what time of day it is.)  On Thursday – I forgot that I hadn’t eaten and answered – yes! I’ve eaten – to all the greetings, but when I came home and emptied my lunchbox, there was my sandwich, completely untouched.  I’ve hit a slump with putting in IVs.  I’ve lost my nerve to poke people with needles.  I think I’ve tried seven in the last couple of weeks and missed them all. 

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  1. Man, you guys do so much! Oops I mean ya'll. I'm not supposed to be gender specific anymore according to a friends millennial daughter. Anyway, I wonder where Vince will go. Love that quilt and Happy 30 to Ning.

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