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I’ve finished reading a whole book in the past week (which may prove that I can extend my attention span out longer than the length of a youtube video) as well as manage good progress on a quilt.  I take this as a positive sign – I’m carving out time for myself in various ways.  I even managed to watch a movie in the theater on Vickey’s suggestion – The Favourite.  I failed to read the reviews on this movie and I did pay a steep price for it, I can see how people can find this kind of movie deliciously funny, but people are just mean in the movie and they are mean the entire time.  I almost decided to walk out of the movie, but I forged on through.  I also wanted to walk out of A Star is Born except for the fact that I’m infatuated with Bradley Cooper, so maybe my movie barometer is out of whack because so many people loved A Star is Born and therefore, I can conclude that I’m an unfeeling b.  Ha ha.   Maybe I sat through The Favourite because I’m also infatuated with Emma Stone.  I was going to say I’m probably too old for either of them, but Bradley is 44, so that should be OK, though I’d have to overthrow the supermodel first and then there is the issue of my own husband. 


I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been since I started seriously running in 2012.  Ooof.  I’m running less (which is OK), but mostly what is happening is that I’m longing for carbs and sweets and not doing too much to resist them.  Hmmm.  I’ll have to address that.  Otherwise my pants won’t fit for very long.  Why is everything so delicious?


Including birthday cake?  We celebrated Eliana’s birthday a few days early this week 🙂




We are putting together invites for Edda’s 15th birthday party later this month which always puts me in a melancholy mood.  Most of the time, I’m eternally grateful for Edda’s good health, even temperament and her clear happiness for her life.  I know that we have the financial and emotional stability to provide for Edda.  I try to not feel sorry for myself, I try not to feel sorry for Edda.  But sometimes this can be hard for me.  Once I feel sorry for myself, then I start to feel sorry for all my friends going through hard patches (even hard patches I have no idea about), all my patients (who clearly are going through a hard patch) and sorry for our country (extreme hard patch) and then finally sorry for the world.  Then I start to think OMG, all the beautiful places of this Earth that Vince’s kids won’t be able to see because we will have destroyed them because I’ve turned my heat up to 70F or had a hamburger at Five Guys.  This is not the most delightful route of thinking.   Argh!  Tomorrow is another day.  Hopefully, I’ll get the chance to try again.  Fingers crossed.

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  1. Look every time you see someone recycling or driving a car that is gas conscious that is hope. Every time someone is kind to you or Edda, Vince,Jeremy that is hope. Every time you are kind to someone that is hope. Hope won't change the world but it sure does help. Edda turning 15 is hope.

    And, oh my where have the years gone? Tomorrow it could all end so you gotta live like each day is the last possible one and being bummed about things just isn't the way to do it. Now get off your bootie and go walk or run or do something physical. You are no good to anyone when you are blue. This often happens it seems to me when you and Donald haven"t spoken in awhile. Could that be the pattern? If so, Donald pick up the phone and call a girl. Your sis needs you Dude!

    And, I was bored with the Favorite and didn't even bother with A star is born. Bradley is nice but Kris Kristofferson is my man!! When is the bday party for Edda?

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