Edda’s stairlift is fixed.

I often have misgivings that I am doing such a female dominated field like nursing (they really should change the title of the position to medical associate or something – they did it for stewardess), but I took great pleasure in showing up at Home Depot yesterday smelling like sewage and asking the salesperson – hey do you have a 2″ sewage ejection pump check valve?  And Jeremy did cook for 100 the other day, so gender roles are all upside down here.  But sometimes not really.

The plumber did call today kind of apologetically saying my voicemail didn’t pop up until this morning.  He sounded like he would have come over yesterday if he had gotten the message.  He didn’t know what the white crap was either.

The taxes are still not done.


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  1. Oh man are you absolutely amazing!!!!! Sump pump, 100 for dinner, chair lift all the while keeping taxes in the fore front of your mind! Girl you ROCK!

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