Vince’s play was great and a nice Friday night outing.  I don’t think I’ve ever sat through a performed Shakespeare play, it was pretty funny.  They always do a great job.  Edda was home with Nat, Dara, Ning and Brian.  I ordered in Chinese food for them and they had a nice Friday night together.  At the play, it’s always nice to catch up with other parents.  Now all the conversations are about college.  I spoke with a parent who is on his fourth out of sixth kid off to college.  I told him he must be a pro at this, but he said each kid was so different that it kind of didn’t matter that he’d gone through it before.  There are whispers of kids not getting in anywhere, there are kids who got in everywhere.  I just want Vince to get into somewhere that he’s excited to go to.  MCPS offers a free SAT to all students, Vince is going to take it tomorrow.  I feel like I can offer him only so much advice (same thing I feel about vaping and drugs – I have no idea), the landscape of college admissions has changed so much in 30 years.  Thirty years ago, I didn’t even contemplate not getting into Berkeley or Michigan and now those schools are very difficult to get into. 




I still have so much work to do before spring break.  Taxes are still not done.  I still have two more shifts at the hospital.   First world problems. 

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