Bike, Hershey and Bard.

Sorry, long time no post. I’m still working at reclaiming my time – to be its master and not the other way around. I have about 10 shifts to go and I’m counting each of them down.

On Friday, Jeremy left to head up to Bard. Bob and Katherine are leaving Bard in a few months and as the school year ends the farewell festivities and moving logistics are keeping us occupied for a few long weekends. This past weekend, the Bard Conservatory orchestra held its final grand performance of the year and there was a party in Bob’s honor afterwards. This was on Sunday night which meant that we wouldn’t return until late Monday afternoon.

I worked on Friday and the kids went to school as well while Jeremy drove up to Bard with his bicycle and Maxi who was thrilled to be included on this trip. On Saturday morning, Jeremy raced the same race he did last year the Tour of the Battenkill and he performed exactly the same as he did last year. I think over the course of a 4 hour race, he was faster by 30 seconds. This was disappointing to him as he believes he’s in better shape than he was last year, but the kicker is that last year, he was on a course of steroids for a recurrence of Bell’s Palsy. Oh well, what can you do?

At the start and not yet knowing he was going to have the exact same race as last year.

Saturday night, the concerts began:

I wasn’t at this concert, so I don’t know what to write about it.

So why didn’t all of us head up on Friday? Well we could have pulled the kids out of school on Friday and do the whole trip together, but Vince really wanted to go to Hershey Park with his scout troop. It’s just as well because the kids didn’t miss too much of school and I got a full work day in on Friday. Vince headed to Hershey Park early Sat am and Edda and I followed about 5 hours later. We had lunch at the Wegman’s in Frederick and browsed for an hour at a used book store.

At Wonder books. Edda’s wheelchair didn’t fit in the narrow aisles, so I had her hang out at the end of the rows where she alternately laughed and napped.

I booked a Days Inn hotel in Hershey which was convenient and Vince got dropped off there at about 8 pm. The hotel did smell mildly like chocolate, but that’s fine.

I don’t know what happened, but I slept like a rock at the Days Inn. Maybe I should sleep with Edda more often.
Vince got his own bed.

On Sunday, Mother’s Day, we got up early and headed to Bard. I was slightly miffed at spending Mother’s Day morning in the car driving because driving is one of my least favorite activities, but it was not bad having my children trapped in the car with me. Vince and I interleaved songs on spotify which was fun. I did get Mother’s Day brunch when I arrived at Bard which was delicious.

Edda and I decided to not go to the concert – the one at the Fisher Center with two harps, timani and a children’s choir. But everyone else went, including Vince (I was surprised!)

Vince with Jasper and Seth.
The orchestra in it’s full glory. 94 minutes of music with no intermission!

And finally, the after party at Leon’s house.

It was cold. I was wearing jeans under my spring dress.
Speeches in Bob’s honor.

And finally we said goodbye. Jeremy will be up again Memorial Day weekend and then a full week in June to help with moving. I don’t think I’ll see Bob and Katherine until summer of 2020 when we are trying to plan a trip to Europe before Vince heads to college.

We are saying goodbye to the house at Bard!
Goodbye Rives Cottage – it’s been great!

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