Part time, GoPro, reunion.

I’m done with being a full-time nurse! Thank goodness. It was/is a lot. I’m still learning about human nature and medicine. It certainly feels like meaningful work. I’m happy I’m doing it, but I’m also very happy to go part time now.

We got a GoPro camera for Vince’s many outdoor adventures this summer. We hemmed and hawed over the purchase of it because I think it might not be used very much – we have a long line of photo equipment that hasn’t been used enough to justify the cost. But at least it’s fun to check out.

GoPro with head mount.
Our life when set to a soundtrack.

I’m going to my 25th reunion tomorrow. Still gotta pack. Vince will come with on a later flight. Jeremy is headed to California to bike and do some work. Edda will be home with Kitachi.

The internet is can be evil. But it can also be a wonderous thing. You can see me graduate from college at the 1:17 mark. What the hell am I wearing? It looks like white socks and sneakers? WTF?

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  1. Congratulations Doris! I’m proud of how hard you worked. I wish you were my nurse if I ever need one.

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