Car seat, kombucha, running!

And my summer vacation continues. I’m sleeping so well – night after night of uninterrupted sleep. I’m constantly surprised at 5:30 am when I wake up naturally with the sun and birds without a pressing, oppressive schedule. I love it and feel #blessed. A gift from heaven. I have very simple desires. They are simple, but money can not buy them.

Edda ready for field trip!

Paul is starting to coach me in running again. I told him that I am dreaming of running a 5K under 25 minutes which I think is a reasonable goal that is achievable well into my 50s, but really, I want that feeling where you are running at a good, hard effort and you feel like you can sustain that feeling for 3-4 miles. Preferably in the woods on a fall day.

Trying to embrace summer running, the worst season to try to get back in shape.

Jeremy setup his bike trainer on the sun porch at Bard. Packing is still going well.

He forgot there was a overhead fan.

I went to Virginia yesterday to meet up with Satya, Karuna and Vickey. Vickey brought her homemade kombucha. I’ve never had kombucha before, it was delicious. Vickey is also reminding me to set up my mammogram appointment which I have been procrastinating on.

Pomegranate, plain and mango flavored.
Full from fried chicken sandwiches from Matchbox and ice cream.

This is the photo of the day from Bard.

Bob with his 70+ race awards. Did he keep these? Or did he toss these? I didn’t ask.

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