Shibu Inu, quilting & passports.

We are all back in the house together. Wonderful! You can feel the house expand with chaos and extra laundry, but that is OK. I’ll take it. On Saturday, Edda and I went to see Toy Story 4. I cried. Edda did not cry. I think she might have napped. She certainly slapped someone else’s Coke for a long time and totally bent their straw before I took notice.

We went to a sensory showing at the Rockville Regal which I vastly prefer over any regular showing of any movie. They keep the lights on low and, most importantly, the sound is not as tremendously loud. As it usually is. And somehow the AC was broken which was fine too, because the theater is underground, it never gets very hot and when the AC is working, the theater temperature is too too cold. And I never have to worry about Edda making too much noise because the whole theater is filled with noise-making people.

We also happened by a Shibu Inu adoption event. I momentarially thought that we should get one of these dogs.

Super cute.

I spent a long time on Saturday quilting. Edda watched TV and napped. I listened to podcasts and am trying to catch up with the world. The Ezra Klein podcast – esp the one with Leana Wen who is now the head of Planned Parenthood. I would love to work for her. I’m working through the Cory Booker interview as well. He uses the word “love” a lot for a guy. Sometimes I listened to millenial women/dating podcasts. Fascinating. I’m not sure I could be a young person today.

Almost ready to be sent out to be quilted.

Passport photos for everyone. No one can travel out of the country until everything gets renewed. Although we have no immediate travel plans, I do like being able to leave the country at any time. Like 3pm today! Let’s go somewhere. Oh no! I can’t. I’m getting my mammogram. No international travel for me today.

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  1. Hmmm. The worry you have for Vince is possibly a waste of time because for one thing you have no control over where he gets in. The kid as Josh’s school who had a perfect SAT score and did a bunch of extracurricular caca as well as debate club etc. did not get into ANY of his top schools. Did I mention he was Valedictorian too. Vince will go where he is supposed to go. He is Chinese but he is also anglo too. His generation is so much less concerned with labels be it Chinese, gay, straight, pea-green. It is a new path of progress so don’t be too hurt. See it for what it is, which is a much more open minded group of human beings. He is half Chinese and that will never be taken away. He’ll embrace it at some point btw.

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