Back to minding the house.

Jeremy got up very early this morning to bike to work. I could see his little icon on Google maps get closer and closer to his office. As soon as he pulled into work, I call him. Hey – I need you to be free on Aug 2nd to drive Vince to Pittsburg. Tom wants a meeting with us either Friday or Sat – are you free in the afternoons? And then we need to plan to make 180 meals on Friday August 23rd, are you free to take off work then? Jeremy’s like – omg, it’s only been hours since everyone is back home and really? are we doing this now? please Doris, I haven’t eaten anything, I just got to work. I walk over to Vince’s room to talk to him about various things that need to get done this summer. Vince is snoring in bed. I’m like – people it is already 10am, let’s get our act together, time’s a-wastin’. There are things to be done, lists to be written and to-do items to be crossed off… lol.

A northern tier video for your entertainment.

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