Philmont & Spiderman.

Jeremy and Vince dropped out of cell service this morning. Those two often travel away from me, but usually at different times and to different places and almost never without cell service, so suddenly I feel lonely without them even though they’ve been gone already three days now. And my in-laws are also not within cell service either – they’ve been crossing the Atlantic for the past week and now in Europe without phones. It’s like we are back in the early 90s with the Martin part of my family. Everything, I assume, went fine with Philmont check-in. I asked Vince if Jeremy was holding up OK – Vince said that Jeremy was not very loud, but doing great! I’ve been reduced to watching youtube videos of other troops’ hikes in order to live vicariously.

Checking in at Philmont.

Edda and I had the whole weekend together which is kind of a rare occurrence. I tried to mix enough activities out of the house with hanging out at home to make me feel like we are seeing people and doing interesting things and relaxing in a perfectly balanced ecosystem of moods. It’s tricky. If you don’t get the balance right, you can get the scary little thoughts creeping in like – I wonder if Edda knows the boys are gone? Does she miss them? I wonder if Edda knows I’m her mother? I’m not sure. Would she miss me if I were gone? What if the boys get in trouble and I won’t know for days? argh. I mostly did not think these thoughts and had a nice weekend.

Edda and I went to see the latest Spiderman movie. I have no idea what it is called and Vince was trying desperately to catch me up with all the Marvel gossip before he left for Philmont. I’m like there are bad guys and good guys and I think I only have to know that. It was a fun movie, I’m mostly bedazzled at what movie making can do these days.

Your friendly neighborhood spiderman.

We emission tested the van together.

Waiting in line at the self-help kiosk.

There was some quiet quilting and napping. We also had Sunday night dinner on Saturday at Eric’s house and Ning and Brian & Noah made dinner for us on Sunday. Now for a dog walk, some dishes, showering Edda and then tucking her in and finally tucking me in.


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  1. Hang in there they’ll be home sooner than you think. I agree with your friend about the essay and Edda. Not because of a pity pot but truly because Vince is so remarkable with Edda. He has so much love and compassion and kindness. He is is a better person because of his experiences with Edda. There are not that many kids around with his qualities and skill set. It’s also something that makes his life unique.

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