Mt. Baldy, heat, Minivan.

Jeremy, for a moment on top of Mt Baldy- the tallest peak in the Cimarron range – turned on his phone and sent me a text saying they had made it to the top and that the boys were doing well and they were having a great time. And then he turned his phone off. That’s it until Wed.

In some ways, I’m glad that he’s out there with Vince enjoying the (hopefully) cooler weather and beautiful nature at 12,000 ft and bypassing our terrible heatwave and the terrible national news.

It is another weekend hanging out with Edda, but we are mostly staying inside because of the oppressive heat. I vacuumed out the minivan today which was satisfying in its own way, sweating up a storm in the open garage with a shop vac vacuuming tumbleweeds of Ruby’s hair and piles of stale cheerios. When was the last time Ruby rode in the minivan? Election night 2016. When was the last time children ate cheerios in the car? Probably much longer ago than that.

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