Every since Jeremy and Vince came back from Philmont, I’ve hardly seen Jeremy. I worked at the hospital on Saturday and Sunday, then I was out late on Monday night visiting Violet and then Tuesday, Jeremy flew to Minneapolis. He’s coming back at this moment, but then he’s leaving tomorrow with Vince to visit Pitt on Friday. Then I’m back at the hospital. It’s crazy – but it’s good.

Vince got his hair dyed yellow and this is going to be the look that is going to be immortalized in the high school yearbook. He got his senior pictures done today. Vince and I argued a bunch this week and I knew we were going to argue. This is the week that college applications really start, the common app opens for Fall 2020 admissions tomorrow. It’s good that we like each other a lot, because we drive each other crazy (at least when it comes to college admissions). Jeremy just stands back and watches the two of us go at it. We were going over some simple lists and thinking about whether he wanted to take the SATs yet again (despite my many, many suggestions that he study hard and get the score that he wanted to get in junior year so then he wouldn’t be in a position of having to take them October senior year) and then he looks up at me and say, crap mom, I need to take SAT subject tests. I can’t apply to Carnegie Mellon without them (or as it turns out many other engineering programs). I’m like f me a new one, what? Like you didn’t know this? OMG. So we registered for the tests in three weeks paying late fees and going to a far away testing facility. All I can say is that the College Board is a racket. The whole time, I’m like – you aren’t working hard enough, and him saying – I’m working so hard! And then Jeremy is like – you know, you think it’s so simple to do well in school & do well on standardized tests. And I’m like – of course it’s simple to do well, you just have to do the work and then Jeremy says it’s not as simple as you think. I’m like – high school is simple. Anyways, I’m trying to focus on the process and not the outcome. Process oriented, Doris! Don’t focus on the outcome. You only get to shepherd someone through the college application process once. Only once. You thought it was going to be twice, but it’s only once. So enjoy it. I argue with both Jeremy and Vince in a similar way in which we can step out of the argument and analyze the argument and then step right back into the argument. So while I was arguing with Vince, we both looked at each other, stepped out of the argument, and then told each other – ok, it’s only 5 months of this, we can make it through five months – and then went back to arguing.

I loaned Lauren our minivan for three weeks. Our minivan is having so much fun – going to the beach, taking kids to ice cream. Our minivan is like can I hang with them? You guys are so boring.

I visited Violet at Children’s on Monday night. She is a total rock star and did amazing with her spinal fusion surgery. No narcotic pain killers – only Tylenol & IV motrin. Ate well, heart rate was good. Amazing Violet.

I asked Jeremy the night before if he was going to see Dave in Minneapolis and he said that there wasn’t really time. But the plane touched down early and Jeremy found himself within a few blocks of Dave’s office and an hour to kill, so they had lunch on 2 min notice.

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