Date, Pittsburgh, Dirty Dozen.

I need to get back in the groove of daily blogging. Or at least every other day blogging. Too much goes on when I leave too much time between posts. Jeremy and I have been crossing paths very briefly for weeks now, so we decided to go on a date on Thursday night. But then everyone else was going to be at home, so we took them all on the date with us. Because the minivan is on loan and we only wanted to take one car (Edda’s caregiver, Eliana was with us), all five of us squeezed into the Civic. Vince promptly started to perform mock sibling fighting with Edda.

Three in the back seat.

I have been thinking about getting another dog. Max just turned 9, so it’s time and it would be more fun before Vince went to college. But then this summer, Max started peeing all over the house, which dampened my enthusiasm. But then we got medication for Max which has helped a lot. Though I know, in my deepest doggy loving heart, that Max wants to be an only dog. Do you see how jealous Max is of this baby? So sulky.

I’m pissed you are paying more attention to the baby than you are paying to me. I’m super cute. Super.

Jeremy drove Vince and Sam to Pitt for a day-long tour. I think I was secretly hoping Vince would come home and breathlessly say – I love Pitt. Let’s apply to Pitt early and then he’d (probably? hopefully? maybe?) get in and then it would all be done. But that did not happen. He was meh about Pitt. They are not my people. He’s like – they talk too much about sports. Everyone does sports at Pitt. I’m like – huh? Have I ever heard of a Pitt juggernaut in any sport? (Whoops, I see they are #1 in their conference in football. I am an idiot.) I’m like – who exactly are your people? I have no idea. Actually, I do have an idea. I think he thinks his people are 0.5 miles away from Pitt at Carnegie Mellon to which I internally sigh a deep sigh.

On the early tour.
Vince and Sam.

Jeremy drove the two on Thursday night to Pittsburgh late after a scout meeting that Vince needed to run. So they got into Pittsburg past midnight and then up early for a 7:30 am tour. Jeremy got them checked in and settled and then went on his own five hour bike ride. Pittsburgh is very hilly and there is a race there called the dirty dozen which goes up and down the 13 biggest hills in town. Jeremy tried to recreate it though a bunch of roads were closed and one of the hills had a 38% grade. I asked Vince if all the other parents stayed for the whole 6 hour program and Vince said that he was the only kid without a parent there the whole day (well except Sam, who was in another section). Jeremy was like – I drove them there! I missed my bedtime twice, took a whole day off of work. He said, I already went to undergrad, I don’t need to go to undergrad again. I laughed.

Lovely Pittsburgh.

Edda is having a nice summer – lots of fun at Camp JCC. This is the last week. Lots of help from our lovely caregivers. <3

At dinner: Doris, Edda, Eliana.

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