Fabio, melancholy, almost home.

Let’s start this post with Vince’s senior picture. We texted this to my parents and even my mother fell over laughing while we were Facetiming. Vince said jokingly, even my grandmother is mocking me! I love this photo. Like really love it. A mix of Maui from Moana (I hate the chicken character – does anyone else on the internet feel like they are making fun of disabled people/chickens? No, not a peep. Intellectually disabled people are the last kind of people you can still make fun of apparently.) and Fabio.

I am melancholy this week, I think it’s mostly that Jeremy isn’t here and I haven’t had much time to myself. I’ve been hanging out with Edda during the days which is fine, but doesn’t lend itself to a lot of work which is helpful for not sitting around and brooding. Historically, I love this time of year, I love the start of school, but no one else around here loves school as much as I love school and this is Vince’s last year of regular school so that makes me sentimental and nostalgic. And I can also get a little teary thinking about Edda. It’s been so many years since we’ve started special schools for her that I think I should be over it. And mostly I’m over it and hold onto happiness for Edda because she’s doing great, but you know. One wishes it was different for her.

We had one trip to the mall to buy some clothes for Vince.

And tried on eyeglasses. Vince did not choose these eyeglasses. I think these are perfect for Jeremy tho.

It was a beautiful week, Edda and I spent a lot of it outside doing yard work. I mulched a bunch of areas I hadn’t touched in two years. I avoided the area which seemed to harbor a family of bees. I’ll tackle that when the temperature drops.

I gave Edda the sassy Dora haircut this morning. I offered it to Vince as well, but he turned me down.

Jeremy’s photos also automatically upload to our shared google photos. He’s not home yet, but here are some photos. I mostly don’t know what is going on in these photos. The theme is corn. bike. dogs. This is a business trip! Where are the photos of powerpoint slides? or travel delays? or roller/spinner luggage? ha ha.

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  1. I love this picture. Vincent looks so kind and so handsome! I also love the “this toilet is killing me” picture. Sorry about your bee sting. The wasp in Ireland were really out of sorts this year apparently and so you were dodging them a bit. It is so insulting when a bee stings you.

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