Wedding anniversary & first day of school.

Sunday we went out to lunch to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We wanted to go a brand new lunch place in Rockville Town Center, but we got there right after 12:15 pm and the place was full and there was a line. As it was the very first public lunch they were serving and no one had their food yet, I thought it best to go elsewhere and we ended up at the Woodside Deli which was fine, but not my favorite. Somehow I had hoped it would be a little more festive than a bacon, egg, spinach & cheese breakfast sandwich, but it was fine. I think it was more our moods than the place. Jeremy had come in at dinner time on Sat and I was working at the hospital on Labor Day, so Sunday was all we got.

Waiting for diner food.
Excited Edda.

I worked Labor Day at the hospital. It was nice, quiet-ish.

Day after Labor Day, the kids went off to school. Vince via bike.

Edda via bus.

Vince is excited to be a senior. Got senior bagel breakfast on the first day and his senior class shirt.

I want so much for this to be a good year for him with a smooth transition to college. We are working on it.

Since Vince is the scout leader, he has to go to all the extra events and show up early and leave late. It’s extra time.

Scout dodge ball.

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