Ice cream, peanut butter, colonoscopy.

On the last day of the fair (Saturday) we ditched our whole idea of taking Edda there and getting the annual corn dog, the turkey leg and the ice cream. It was hot, we decided the food at the fair was too expensive and Jeremy was mostly grumbling about the quality of the ice cream at the fair, so instead we went to our favorite ice cream place Carmen’s just 200m from our door. I had to insist that they make the ice cream smaller than their regular small but that I would pay for a small, no problem. Sometimes this is surprisingly hard to do. The fair ended well with the parking lot almost to full capacity, the line out to the Rockville Pike, but they never had to close the gate – they always let people in. That is some good parking skillz.

Edda and ice cream.

Jeremy wanted you to know that he ordered a case of peanut butter. He is thinking of replacing dairy in his diet with peanut butter.

OMG. A whole case.

On Sunday, there was a picnic to celebrate the end of the fair. We had to stay longer than we wanted to because both Vince and I had to take a swim test to go on next year’s spring break trip back to the Florida Keys with the scouts. By then, Vince will be 18 and he will be one of the adults on the trip.

Edda picnicking.

Jeremy volunteered to flip the burgers and no one else was really interested in it, so he did it the whole time. He went early, but texted me to bring the meat thermometer. He wanted all the burgers to be heated up to 160 degrees which is well done. He doesn’t trust premade, frozen burger patties. He likes to grind the meat himself. He wanted to make sure to kill off everything that could possibly be killed off.

Jeremy looking out for everyone.

On Sunday, I went for a run and out of nowhere a bee came and stung me on my forearm. I’ve spent the past two days with my entire arm swollen and I’ve been grumpy and sleepy and itchy.

Bee sting swelling.

With swollen arm, I had to repair the toilet three times this weekend. First the replacing the flush mechanism. Then it was leaking at the water supply connection (enough so that the tenants downstairs came rushing upstairs to say that we were leaking into their kitchen) and then after I thought I had fixed all the leaks, the tenants came up again on Sunday night to say that it was still leaking. So I turned off the water and replaced the wax ring on Monday morning. Then today, I still heard the phantom flush I was trying to fix by replacing the flush mechanism originally.

This toilet is killing me.

Colonoscopy on Monday for Jeremy. Bowel prep started on Sunday night. Bowels look excellent, GI doc complimented him on both his bowels and his prep. Jeremy got to joke with all the nurses about how I try to practice IVs on him. His CRNA was also an engineer who taught at Irvine.

Post op.

Vince and I have been trying to work together on college stuff and senior year stuff. It’s not easy. I can be discouraging and judgemental and he has a lot of feelings that he can’t quite use his words to describe. I try to remember what it was like to be that age. To have such strong feelings about things but confused what those feelings were and how to articulate them. I try to remember to not fix everything for him. He’s learning things about scheduling, managing conflicting events and priorities. How to turn people down, how to maintain a deadline when you are counting on other people.

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