I resisted coming home from vacation. I promised myself that I would not think about anything on my to-do list while away and I did a pretty good job with that, but as soon as we were driving home I was not looking forward to being home. Traveling alone with Jeremy is full of the ease that comes from 20 years together, we generally know what the other person likes to do and we can accomodate without realizing what needs adjusting. We can talk or not talk. Do something or do nothing. It’s all good. This kind of travelling is unobtainable with anyone else. Just adding children or parents or friends – no matter how well you know them or how much you love them, travel is just stressful no matter how beautiful the destination (I’ve been grumpy in Europe, at National Parks, perhaps in Hawaii?). Someone wants to sleep in, someone hates the restaurant choice, someone gets sick, someone thinks you are not spending enough money, someone always gets grumpy splitting the check evenly when one person order 2 drinks and an app and all they had was a burger.

We came home to an upset Vince who had a bad time over Homecoming weekend. We talked through the emotional events of the weekend. I remember as a teenager, everything was so earth shattering. I loved so strongly, I hated equally as strongly, I despaired over everything. Now, everything is so muted for me – at least muted compared to what it was like when I was 17. What is there to say to an upset teenager? That we’ve all been there before? Awkward dances? Feeling like you don’t know what to do? Feeling like no one likes you or understands you? Or also the exact opposite, feeling amazing and in love and that no one has ever been in love as much as you are in love right now. All the love songs suddenly make sense!

Thank you Ning & Brian for hanging with Edda this weekend so we could have some time to ourselves. We told them we’d repay the favor when Noah is old enough and they are ready.

I had a challenging (note: I did not say terrible) shift yesterday. I did not stop moving the whole time. At no point was I like – OK, I have a few minutes to sit and chart. I did eat because I now know if I don’t take 15 min to eat, I will end up crying. Highlights:

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