It’s early Sunday morning and I’m sitting in bed in our windowless hostel room in Ohiopyle, PA. I’m hoping to get this blog post done in 10 min and get on outta here for a run as the sun goes up. We are out of the house for the weekend, just the two of us. Celebrating our 20 & 21st anniversary and our 50th, 51st, 46th and 47th birthdays (we are a little behind). We should have spent an extra $100 and stayed in the motel across the street with windows. I have nothing against this hostel, I don’t mind the shared bathroom (we didn’t share the bedroom), but I do mind not having a window only because I’m sure I’ll die a trapped, fiery death – but I didn’t so I guess it’s fine to have it be pitch black to sleep well (which we did only 50% of the time. We each had one good night of sleep and one bad night of sleep though we went to sleep at the luxurious hour of 9pm. A true vacation. lol.) We went to Ohiopyle because of a bunch of Frank Llyod Wright houses and because of good biking/running/hiking.

On Friday, Jeremy started early from the house and rode 100 miles towards PA. I stayed at home and saw everyone off to school and did a bunch of small errands (including trying to try out a Peloton treadmill for a friend because she wanted to know if it was as good as a Woodway which is the treadmill I love to run on at the gym (both the Peloton and Woodway are slatted treadmills instead of the regular belt treadmill) – I almost always can run on the single Woodway at the gym because no one cares about cardio at the climbing gym and I also wanted to try out the Peloton streaming class service, but I went to the Mall instead of the Row so I failed at this mission). I drove up to the meeting place about an hour away from DC (the whole time I’m driving, I’m like – I cannot believe that Jeremy is biking this far. It’s unbelievable.).

We met up and then went to McDonald’s for lunch and headed to Polymath Park, the first Wright destination. People are crazy, moving houses from really far away to this property. They try to save Wright houses from being razed. And then they raise them here in PA. We had dinner there as well.

Then we went to Ohiopyle. I didn’t realize that it was such a water sport area, I had only packed for architectural touring and running and eating. We thought about booking a Sat morning guided boat adventure, but I had only one pair of skinny jeans and running shorts and Dansko clogs. Next time. For sure next time!

Gorgeous weekend. Lots of biking. A bit of running. Now it’s Sunday morning, Jeremy left early this am to ride about 100 miles back to MD. I’m going to go for a run and then meet up with him somewhere. He sent me a pinned location on Google maps.

Meanwhile at the home front, Vince is going/went to homecoming. The BOMS (boy poms) performed at the pep rally on Friday afternoon.

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