Biking, Edda & Wacu

Jeremy rode to work this morning and sent me this photo. He’s the one who is motivated enough these days to wake up in the dark and start biking at 6 am. I like to sleep in when I can which was today! I was at the hospital yesterday, it was a fine shift. Busy, but completely manageable. I sent three people to surgery and got them back (lap chole, lap appy, removal of an infected permacath). I really need to learn Spanish. 2/5ths of my patients spoke only Spanish. I have no time this fall. Maybe this spring. I only have to have to memorize about 10 different conversations. The shift before was really terrible and when I have a terrible shift, the shift right after the terrible shift gets me anxious.

On Rosh Hashanah, the kids were off school. Kitachi had Edda for the day and she went to her mom’s house and her dog, Waku loved to sit on Edda’s lap. I want a dog like this. A dog that will sit on Edda’s lap all day. Maxi is actually a little bit anxious and aloof. Not a snuggler. I miss that from Ruby.

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