We took Edda to her regular dental appointment today. Last time I went just by myself and it was really hard to get a good cleaning. You really need 4 people. I straddle her legs while she’s sitting in her chair and hold her hands, Jeremy holds her head steady and then the dentist and hygienist can do their jobs without worrying about her body. Only her teeth. She can bite and bite hard, but I think the dentist has a lot of practice keeping her fingers clear from chompers. It went well. We’ve gone through phases where we’ve been worse at cleaning her teeth, but we seem to be in a good spot now. Vince has an appointment next week, I signed all the paperwork so that he can drive himself to the appointment and do it on his own without me – that’ll be fantastic. Then the scheduler said, let’s make the next 6th month appointment which will be in April. She mentioned that I won’t need to sign the papers then because he will be 18!!! I have less than 6 months. And I mentioned this to Vince and he said – OMG, I’m going to have to find my own doctors and dentists in college, right?

On the way to the dentist.

I think Edda’s going to homecoming this year. I think she might have a date. Kitachi and I are going to go shopping for a dress next Wed when the schools have off for Yom Kippur.

I’m still in a weird mood. I’m fighting productivity. I usually love writing checklists and crossing off the items, but now I’m resenting it. I just want to sit around and do the NYTimes crossword puzzle (I subscribed to the app. Fantastic.) Vickey recommends the game Cooking Craze, but I’m scared to download it. I think I would never work again. At the with the crossword puzzle, you finish it and then you have to wait a whole ‘nuther day for a new game.

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  1. I don’t like going to the dentist. But I go. I’d like to bite the hygienist. Why do they ask you questions when their hands are in your mouth????

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