Edda’s homecoming.

Sometimes I get blue when I think of the sameness of Edda’s days. When we went to her IEP meeting a week ago, they are working on the same goals they’ve been working on her whole life. In some ways I’m grateful, we aren’t sliding backwards, but in other ways, it’s hard to hear your kid isn’t making progress. (I love progress! Improvement! Edda has taught me to be more accepting of the here/now.) But it wasn’t the same for Edda this week. It was homecoming week and with one enthusiastic teacher and one very enthusiastic student, Edda had a fantastic homecoming experience.

I’m not a homecoming fan. I might be an anti-fan. It’s mostly that I don’t know how to be a girl. I don’t know about shopping, makeup or hair. But I got advice and help from Edda’s cousins, Vince’s girl friends & Edda’s caregivers. And we made it work. Kitachi and I found the perfect outfit on Wednesday. This was everyone’s favorite, including Edda who looked at it the longest and let out a yelp when we held it up for her to consider. A jumpsuit!

During the week, I bought some flowers for Edda’s hair and on Saturday, Nat (brought her hair spray and curling iron) and Ning did Edda’s hair and makeup.

Sparkle eye shadow!

Ready to go!

My children 🙂

At drop off. There was only one other kid from Edda’s class who was going to homecoming. He is quite the dancer and stayed the whole night. I was thinking Edda might last an hour or so. I should have gotten better shoes.

The teacher encouraged us not to go to the dance because it would be easier for the high school kids to get Edda included without parents around. This is the president of the Best Buddies club who spent part of her homecoming including Edda in the hub bub of the party.

And then Edda fell asleep at homecoming. I was getting live texts from her teacher who – at 8:30 said she was still going strong, but by 8:40, she was asleep.

Thank you Ms. Miller for encouraging us to try something that would have never occurred to us and for helping Edda be part of the Wootton community.

I wonder if she’s going to go next year. I only wonder because I think there is no way I’m going to be able to outdo that fabulous white jumpsuit. It sets a high bar.

One thought on “Edda’s homecoming.”

  1. Oh I think Edda has made much progress. I recognize you see her every day and I have not for a long time but if you read back through your blog you’ll see how far she has come. As well as you and Jeremy also. Vince is the most remarkable, compassionate and caring person. Many young people his age are good humans but Vince is mucho kind. I know Edda will never go to MIT but neither will I. (I was a freshman twice thanks to Stevie Ray Vaughn) and I never finished college due to my mom needing my care when she got ovarian cancer. I thought I was going to the moon but ended up on Venus instead. Still a great experience but not what I planned for in my life. My point is this, we may have grand plans but life has a funny way of wringing plans out. Maybe Edda will never go to college or even cook and egg but she is a wonderful lovely person who is loved by many people. Maybe that is enough. And, she did go to Homecoming…….

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the homecoming outfit!! That is a perfect example of how far she has come sweet Doris. As well as you too. About your running outfit I think you look like a really cute hot mess. Jeremy must be saying “oolala”.

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