Growing up.

Vince was suppose to go to the dentist on his own yesterday, but ended up not feeling very well. So he took the day off of school and I drove him to the appointment. I did drop him off (though Vince called me while I was pulling out onto the main road and said – they say you have to be here! and then I pulled over and called him back and said, can I talk to them? and heard him walk back into the office and hand the phone over to the receptionist and told her – I signed all the paperwork last week! and she said, oh yeah, that’s right and then I could do my errands) and ended up running three errands while he was getting his teeth cleaned. Getting groceries, going to the UPS store and buying fake flowers for Edda’s hair for homecoming. 30 min, back to pick Vince up. Vince taught me about Memojis a few days ago. And then what VSCO girls are a few days before that. What am I going to do when he’s gone?

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